Food Waste Processor (Home Use)

Eco-SF5K Food Waste Processor

Eco-5K Home Use Food Waste Processor
Extra Slim
Auto Start
Auto Stop
Built-in Deodorizer
Voltage: 220V
Size: 534(L) x 280(W) x 740(H)mm
Net Weight: 24.8 kg
Degradation ratio: 85%
Daily Capacity: 5kg/day

iDear Food Waste Decomposer

iDear Food Waste Processor
Using organic microbial on kitchen food waste for efficient decomposition, the produced gas will be treated by multi-unit decomposition. The exhaust gas will be better handled. no indoor and outdoor air will be polluted.

Schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and home will be favourite in it. Contribute their share to environment, making the environment better.

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